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Our Swimming Lessons in Newcastle, NSW

Baby Swimming Lessons Newcastle

Baby Swimming Lessons

Nothing surpasses introducing your little one to the aquatic world! Our FREE baby lessons allow your child to become comfortable in the water — with you by their side!

Infant Swimming Lessons

Infant Swimming Lessons

For children from three months to three years, FinS’ Infant Classes teach basic swimming skills to your youngster — while boosting their confidence and having fun!

Survival Swimming Lessons

Survival Swimming Lessons

Taken before Learn-to-Swim classes, the Survival Program teaches invaluable life-preserving techniques to 2.5 to 13/14-year-olds in a safe environment.

Learn to Swim Newcastle

Learn to Swim

Give your child the lifelong gift of swimming! Available for youngsters aged 3 to 13/14 years old, the course takes your child through three levels of achievement.

junior Squad Swimming

Junior Squads

Open to children aged seven years and older, the FinS Junior Squads program teaches new strokes, more advanced swimming techniques, and competitive racing skills.

School Holiday Swimming

School Holiday Swimming

Organised every school holiday, this popular intensive course gives your child a boost — allowing them to break through boundaries and develop new skills.

Adult Swimming Lessons Newcastle

Adult Swimming Lessons

Coming soon to FinS Swim School, our valuable Adult Classes will teach swimming to those who lacked the confidence or opportunity to learn as a child.

FinS Swim School — The Best Swim School in Newcastle

With over 40 years of priceless experience — FinS Swimming Lessons, Newcastle, brings passionate, encouraging, and fun aquatic education to your child.

Operating from our chlorine-free, heated pool in Kotara — our qualified team of committed instructors provides knowledgeable and safe coaching across a multitude of swimming programs — from babies to toddlers, non-swimmers to advanced carnival competitors.

Under the accomplished direction of founder Damon Rodd, all of FinS’ Swim Classes follow his unique and effective philosophy — fun and continuous swimming. This ensures your child learns in a stress-free, enjoyable environment — while spending the majority of the lesson swimming, not sitting and watching poolside.

And, with additional aquatic development programs such as School Holiday Boot Camps, Survival Swimming classes, and Swimming Assessments — FinS Swim School gives your child the pinnacle of coaching, whatever their current level of ability.

✔ Swimming-focused — over 80 percent of your youngster’s lesson time.

FREE baby programs — you and your baby together in the water!

✔ Chlorine-free pool — no more teary eyes!

✔ 30-day money-back guarantee after four lessons if dissatisfied.

✔ Tailored classes to boost your child’s learning.

✔ FREE ten-minute assessment means no wasted lesson time.

✔ All staff undergo continuous professional development.

✔ Enjoyment-focused — ensuring your child remains committed and enthusiastic

Our Swimming Lessons in Newcastle

Swimming Lessons for Babies Near Me

Baby Swimming Lessons

Building bonding and creating treasured memories, FinS FREE baby swimming classes introduce your littlest one to the wonders of water! Available every month, this amazing four-week program allows your baby to discover aquatic movement, floatation, submersion — and of course, water confidence and fun!

Designed for bubbas from 3 to 10 months, our group sizes are small — with no more than six babies per class. This enables you and your little one to benefit from the safety and attention provided by our experienced and patient instructors — and ensure baby’s attention is retained in our short 20-minute lessons.

Swimming Lessons for Babies Near Me
Swimming Lessons for Infants

Infant Swimming Lessons

Focusing on children from 3 months to 3 years, your little one will progress through four stages of achievement — Shrimp, Seahorse, Goldfish, and Clownfish. Initially, you will be in the pool with your infant — but the ultimate goal is to have them feeling confident and happy in the water, without you by their side!

Allowing your little one to gain massive aquatic confidence through fun and enjoyment — our Infant Indoor Swimming lessons are the next step after the free baby course. Learning basic swimming techniques and skills, your child will complete the course fully comfortable and prepared for full Learn-to-Swim classes.

Survival Swim Classes

Survival Swimming Lessons

Open to children from 2.5 to 13/14 years, our Survival Swim classes teach priceless life-preserving techniques — crucially, to non-swimming children. Through safe, fun, yet educational tuition, your youngster will learn skills that become habits — and could save their life.

Offered as both a standalone course and the first stage of our Learn-to-Swim program, your child will discover invaluable tools such as back floating, turn-and-return, keeping arms under the water, and strong kicking. Under the watchful eye of our safety-first instructors, your little one will learn while continually having fun!

Survival Swim Classes
Learn to Swim Newcastle NSW

Learn to Swim

Giving your youngster a valuable and lifelong skill, our Learn-to-Swim program rapidly turns your child from a non-swimmer into a confident, water-loving aquanut. Open to all children aged 3 to 13/14 years old — our classes teach your little one swimming techniques in a patient, safe, and encouraging environment.

The course allows your youngster to progress through three levels of achievement — only moving onto the next stage when they can competently and confidently complete the required skills. This structure permits your special one to learn without stress, at a level of difficulty applicable to their proficiency, and alongside children of similar ability.

Junior swimming Squads

Junior Squads

Available for youngsters aged 7 years and older — the FinS Junior Squad program progresses your child’s swimming skills from basic to advanced! Typically, the course is taken after completing our Learn-to-Swim lessons — although we also accept new students after a successful, and FREE, swimming assessment!

The program aims to perfect technique on their existing stroke(s) while teaching new swimming styles. Furthermore, the course develops powerful and effective speed and racing skills — such as diving, fitness training, and race starting. The ultimate aim is to have your youngster school swimming carnival prepared — confident and highly competitive!

Junior swimming Squads
School Holidays Swimming Program

School Holiday Swimming

Sometimes your child’s swimming journey needs a little boost — and that’s provided by the Fins School Holiday Swimming program! Available every school break, these intensive courses are organised over five consecutive days — and are open to swimmers of all abilities.

Your youngster will complete a FREE swimming assessment before the course commences — ensuring no lesson time is wasted. It allows them to make rapid learning gains, break through barriers, advance from frustrating plateaus, and hone their skills. And, if your child shows no signs of improvement — we will refund the course fees!

Swimming Lessons for Adults Near Me

Adult Swimming Lessons

Age isn’t a barrier to learning to swim! Coming soon to FinS Swim School, our adult-focused swimming lessons will give grown-ups the priceless skill of swimming. Receiving effective teaching in a supportive, fun, and safe environment — you will overcome any real or perceived obstacles to becoming a competent swimmer!

Open to all adults aged 20 years and older, you will power through fears, worries, and anxieties — and discover that swimming is both easy and fun! The course not only provides you with an important life-preserving skill — but also opens up a whole new world of aquatic adventure, including allowing you to enjoy the water with your children!

Swimming Lessons for Adults Near Me

Testimonials From Our Delighted Swimmers and Parents

“FinS Swim School is a fantastic space. It’s light-filled and spacious with no chlorine smell.”

— Proud father of two, Matt Donovan, Newcastle, NSW

“Damon taught all my four kids to swim. They progressed quickly, loved going, and I highly recommend his program.”

— Dr. Jon Candrick, E.R. Doctor, Newcastle, NSW

“FinS Kotara is the best purpose-built learn-to-swim centre I have seen, not just in Newcastle, but anywhere.”

— Ben Jenkinson, First Splashes, Toronto

FinS Swim School Newcastle — Safe, Professional, and Fun!

Newcastle Swimming Lessons

Giving unparalleled aquatic education to your child, FinS Swim School offers swimming lessons for children of all ages and abilities.

Instilling immeasurable water confidence and passion into your special one, our experienced and qualified instructors provide only the highest standard of nationally recognised instruction — in a fun, safe, and welcoming environment.

From babies to toddlers, non-swimmers to carnival competitors, your youngster receives the pinnacle in research-proven teaching. And, with our relentless focus on continuous swimming — not poolside watching — you will proudly witness your amazing little one rapidly grow, mature, and learn.

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