Terms and Conditions

  1. Direct Debit fees will be charged fortnightly and processed by FinS Swim School (FSS) on a Friday and a schedule will be provided to you. A $4 processing fee will apply to all platinum card transactions.
  2. Your payments are your responsibility. If your payment is dishonored you may be charged a dishonor fee by our direct debit company. FSS will have the right to refuse entry until these fees are up to date. If you are having any trouble paying your fees please let us know and we will see where we can be of assistance.
  3. Over the Counter Payments (OCP) – All OCP payments are to be approved by the Swim School Director. The process for OCP is you will be required to pay four weeks of lessons in advance as well as your first lesson payment and this will be used in the event that your lessons are cancelled. You will be required to make your fortnightly payment in line with the direct debit run and are subject to all of the following conditions.
  4. Your enrolment in the FSS swim program is considered ongoing and fees will be charged accordingly. In the event that you wish to cease your lessons 28 days written notice is required to cease this enrolment and fees being charged. You are able to attend lessons during your cancellation period. Cancellation forms will be available on our website.
  5. All children must be accompanied by an adult to the start of their lesson and collected at the end of each lesson. For all children 8 years and under the parent or guardian must stay on the premises at all times.
  6. If your child is unable to attend a lesson you must provide 12 hours notice by contacting the FSS team with the exception of swimmers in our infant program who must contact us prior to their lesson. At this time you must book your make up lesson if you require it and a $3 fee is payable at your next debit depending on your payment arrangements.
  7. Swimmers in our infant program are not subject to fee for make up lessons but are subject to all other conditions.
  8. A make-up lesson must be redeemed within 2 weeks of the cancelled lesson.
  9. If less than 24 hours notice is given, you will be required to show a medical certificate to be eligible for a make-up lesson, subject to the approval of the Swim School Director or manager.
  10. Normal lessons will break over the Christmas – New Year period each year. Notification of the dates and relevant fee adjustments will be posted in the December Newsletter, which will be available by December 3 each year.
  11.  If a make-up lesson is cancelled or not attended, you will forfeit that lesson and be required to pay for that make up lesson.
  12. Make up lessons are subject to availability and are not guaranteed however FSS will attempt to accommodate all requests.
  13. There will not be any lessons for gazetted public holidays and no fee will be charged for these lessons.
  14. If you are going on holidays or need a break you can hold your booking for up to 28 days by completing our “Suspension” form. This is available on our website under “FORMS”.
  15. You will be required to pay $5 per child per break to maintain your booking. A minimum 14 days notice is required for this. Regular debits will recommence at the end of the specified period as per the documentation received. Time spent during your specified break cannot be used as part of your notice period. Each family is only allowed one “break” per year. If more are required you may submit a request to the Swim School Director.
  16. Any request for a refund of fees through must be made in writing, addressed to the Swim School Director of FSS and accompanied by a medical certificate. An administration fee of $15 will apply for each application for a refund.
  17. Any request for a refund of fees through our 100% “money back” guarantee must be made in writing, addressed to the swim school director or manager of FSS outlining the reasons. This will be followed up by a phone call from the Swim School Director or Manager and the refund will be processed within 5 working days. Any eligible refund will be direct transferred back into a nominated bank account.
  18. Staff of FSS are authorised to procure such medical assistance as they may determine in the event of an accident or illness which may occur to my child/ren whilst attending the swim school and agree to meet any expenses incurred herein.
  19. FSS takes no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that occur outside of the swimming pool.