• Age

    3 and up

  • Number of stages


There are 3 levels of squads within the FINS program. Our main goal is to ensure that our swimmers, within any level of this program, are able to confidently participate and compete in their school swimming carnival.

This training program is where we ensure that strong technique develops with speed. More advanced aspects developing race technique are also introduced as your child begins to enjoy swimming as a sport. This stage will further incorporate some open water / surf swimming and associated safety techniques, at least once per year.

Stage 1

  • Consolidation of freestyle technique and increased speed and endurance
  • Consolidation of backstroke technique
  • Introduction of breastroke
  • Introduction of butterfly kick
  • Introduction to race starts / dives

Stage 2

  • Higher level techniques and drills for freestyle and backstroke
  • Consolidation of breastroke
  • Introduction to butterfly
  • Consolidation of race starts
  • Introduction to racing techniques and fitness training

Stage 3

  • Targetted squad training for school swimming carnivals
  • Introduction of speed to all strokes
  • Advanced race techniques