• Age

    3 months to 2.5 / 3 years

  • Number of stages


The FINS infant program is designed using the latest swim teaching techniques along with behavioural research in infant development.

The program is designed to teach infants basic swimming and safety techniques along with assisting their cognitive and intellectual development. It is not a “sing along” water confidence class but rather a well structured program designed for continuous improvement and high quality outcomes.

It is broken up into 4 stages to ensure that your child is continually challenged throughout their swim journey. As they develop physically and mentally through the FINS Infant Program, they will achieve higher certificates and other rewards along the way.

There are too many benefits to list here for starting your child’s swimming journey as soon as possible. The most important thing is to START NOW!!

We also provide “FREE” make up classes for this program as we understand the demands on young families.

Strong use of kick

The legs are the biggest muscle group in the body and therefore need to be used effectively in a horizontal position. This is the major foundation of our program.

Arms under the water

Arms out of the water causes children’s bodies to become more vertical and the inefficiency of this position will cause them to tire quickly. Learning to keep their arms under water can save lives.

Turn and return to where they came from

When children enter a body of water, the safest route out is virtually always back where they came from. We teach this so it becomes second nature.

Stage 1

This level of our program places an emphasis on water familiarisation and introduces learning techniques and structures in a friendly welcoming environment.

Stage 2

The second level of our program further develops the skills from Stage 1, as we start to increase the independence of the child swimming. 

Stage 3

More advanced skills and greater independence are the focus of this level. The development at this stage is fantastic to watch as the growing confidence and comfort of your child in the water becomes very apparent.

Stage 4

This is our transition stage where our swimmers are introduced to the skills we develop in our mainstream program. At the end of this stage parents or caregivers are transitioned out of the pool and our swimmers go into mainstream classes.

The infant program is our pride and joy and we are constantly researching ways to make it even better.