• Age

    2.5 / 3 years and up

  • Number of stages


Our pre-school program is our life saving program where we try to embed habits for our swimmers that will save their lives.

Strong use of kick

The legs are the biggest muscle group in the body and therefore need to be used effectively in a horizontal position. This is the major foundation of our program.

Arms under the water

Arms out of the water causes small children’s bodies to become more vertical. This position is energy inefficient and dangerous as a child tires quickly.

Turn and return

When children enter a body of water, the safest place for them to return is back where they came from. Our program makes this important safety technique second nature.

Stage 1

  • Kick and eyes in
  • “Dog paddle” with very little arm use and arms under water
  • Back float
  • Enter and return to wall (assisted)

Stage 2

  • Kick, eyes in and bubbles
  • Dog paddle with bubbles
  • Enter Back Float and return to wall