• Age

    3 and up

  • Number of stages


Our Learn to Swim program has 3 stages. Students will perfect all the skills required at each stage before moving onto the next level. We continue to focus on safety and survival skills while your child’s swimming progresses in a fun, relaxed environment.

All lessons are half hour in duration at this level.

Stage 1

  • Learning to use arms out of the water
  • Working on improvement of body position
  • Various safety skills
  • Introduction of backstroke kick
  • Safe entry and return in the water
  • FUN!!

Stage 2

  • Learning how to swim freestyle
  • Independent back kick and various back kicking drills
  • Higher level safety skills
  • Introduction to diving

Stage 3

  • Consolidating freestyle technique and starting to improve endurance
  • Teaching of backstroke
  • Consolidation of diving technique and junior squads